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4 Reasons to do Video Co-Branding

I bet you’re aching for some great video content to put on your site, landing page or social media page. Well, why haven’t you done it? If you’re waiting for funding or maybe a conceptual idea, you might consider making it happen by using video co-branding.

1.   Gets you Funding or Talent

Example:  Alex Boye and Financially Fit

When you get just the right mix of elements like in this video, you have a powerful tool! Financially Fit is a company devoted to helping individuals invest, and in partnering with Alex Boye they are connecting with their potential clients. Alex Boye is relatable and comes across as down to earth which is a major perk for a company that wants to connect with the average consumer and make them financially fit!

2.   Better Content for a Greater Audience

When two companies combine for a media project you not only have better funds for a project, but you’ll find greater talent and connections. Your resources double! More than resources is who sees your video. Since you have both social and general followings cross paths it compounds the result. More minds coming together to make great content for more eyeballs.

3.  When they Grow, you Grow

Example:  Boot Barn and Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is known for her hit single Peter Pan but somewhere along the way to top radio hits, she worked to help promote boot barn. What a priceless piece of content for boot barn to continually utilize as her name has grown ten fold! In our list of reasons for video co-branding, we had to illustrate this fact; when they grow, you grow! Catching a big name before they explode gives you huge promotional value for your buck!


4.   Compounding Effects of Using Industry Specific Influencers

Example:  Haute Attitude and San Francisco lifestyle blogger Delaney

Influencers are a must, especially in industries such as fashion. Delaney is a fashion blogger who has even modeled for Forever 21. Haute Attitude is a is a clothing boutique and had Delaney do a simple shoot for their clothing line. You can surely see why we picked this video to illustrate reasons to do video co-branding. Sharing an industry with an influencer can definitely win views and conversion! This is because you have proof of social connection and it’s all about the social now days.

Video co-branding is at it’s best when you use GoBig Films for your video production needs!

Now it’s your turn to do some video co-branding!

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