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5 Easy Steps for DIY Business Photos

Rest assured that in photography and art, there is no wrong and right, but preference typically goes toward photos that look as good or better than the eye sees. We’ve designed a simple method for DIY business photos. Use this for photographing employees or customers or product models. You can recreate this photoshoot scenario again and again to produce the best photos possible without much equipment needed. You’ll only need a camera.

Do keep in mind there are many methods and this is just one. Realize that something may go wrong when you’re learning so be sure your employees or customers are ready to be patient with the process.


The Right Time of Day

It is very embarrassing to have a group of people waiting there, then to realize you forgot to coordinate with the sunlight before dragging out the troop. For this method of lighting, you’ll want to find a time of day before or after noon (or whenever the sun is not straight above) because you’ll need some shadows for your employees to stand in. I’d watch out your window throughout the day sometime before scheduling the shoot.

DIY Business Photos - GoBig Films

Picking a Location

Where will you take your DIY business photos? This is the first question you’ll ask yourself. Being resourceful in the location will save you from dealing with lighting equipment and techniques which is a world if it’s own. The key is using a building as your lighting tool! Standing against a building is the tool that will make your employees look great and your overall lighting look more professional. See how:

DIY Business Photos - GoBig Films


Lighting; How to Execute your Lighting Using a Building

So you found a building to use, now how do you use it? The best DIY lighting scenario is on a sunny day somewhere on the side of a building shadowed from the harsh sun rays. I say the best because it gives that flattering effect photographers seek to achieve with expensive studio equipment. The effect you want is one where one side of your employees face looks more shadowed than the other. This creates depth. If you can get your employees to stand close enough to a building that one side of their face is darker than the other you’ve achieved this more professional look.


DIY Business Photos - GoBig Films

Full Body or Head Shots?

You don’t see a lot of full body shots in business photos, but you may see partial body shots. I’d say this medium option may be the simplest option for DIY business photos. This is because you’ll have enough space in the shot to get some background in to make the photo pull you in. Keep in mind that some of the most amazing photography has somewhere for your e


ye to go. One way this is created is by having something close to the camera such as some foliage (1.5 feet) and something further in the distance also in view such as the street or river.

DIY Business Photos - GoBig Films

Get Advice from a Pro

If you can talk to a photographer about things like equipment, hair and makeup or camera settings before going out there it will only help. A photographer has gone through a lot of trial and error to get where they are. Bryce at GoBig Films has photographed many businesses and loves the unique challenges each one brings. Much of his work can be found on our portfolio page.

Good luck taking your DIY Business photos. We’re always available to help answer any questions you have about taking photos (or video)!
-Your friends at GoBig Films

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