Ala Carte Pricing

Ala Carte music video:  $3500  |  Includes full day of shooting (or 2 half days if we needed for example to shoot mostly in the sunset hours) and all the editing needed to create the final video.  Doesn’t include extras like actors, hair/makeup, scripting, location permits, visual effects, green screen, or animation, etc.  This is a great option for the artist that doesn’t mind getting involved with the production process to keep costs down.

Budget music video:  $1800  |  Includes half day shoot up to 4 hours and all the editing need to create final video (this will be a simpler edit since there will be less footage – good for a simple performance based video – or a very simple story)

Premium music video:  $5000 and up (varies depending on options)  |  We’ll take care of all the details like finding extra actors, hair/makeup, location, set photographer, scripting, visual effects, etc…  Whatever you can dream up we can do!

We understand that cash flow is not always an easy thing for an upcoming band or artist.  To make it easier on you we’re typically willing to split the total cost up into 3 payments – 1 payment due each month for 3 months (and of course we can take credit card payments).

We can also work for a rate of $150/hr or $1000/day.