Brand Videos

Show 'Em What You've Got

Can You Say Bang for Your Buck?

Brand videos fill the gap between simple Social Media Videos and Premium Videos and give your company a ton of value for the price.  We heard from our customers who wanted an option that was less expensive than a Premium Video and still captured the personality and key points of their brand.  Generally these are up to 3 hour shoots in one location for a roughly 60 second final length and involve two main parts.  We get interview footage or use on screen text or voice-over to tell the story of your brand and we interweave that with footage of your service or product in action.  Keep in mind that even though this is a budget video, when GoBig Films shoots we don't just stick the camera on a tripod and point it...  We always get creative and try to come up with the best way to showcase what you do (even in a short amount of time!)  Also even though this option doesn't include the expert copy-writing that our higher priced videos have, we will absolutely help fine tune your text, bullet points, or interview question etc.

Below is an example of a Brand Video  (Note: this is an upgraded version with a longer length.)

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