Michael Jackson Tribute

I was recently back on set with Alex Boye to shoot his latest music video.  This one is a very creative remake of Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”.  Music is all human beat box… very cool!


Walking Away

Here’s the latest fashion film. This one is with model Jana Dubois and makeup artist Aspen McKenna. I knew I wanted to shoot this one at night and use as much natural “street lamp” light as possible. I really like the results and am pretty amazed at the quality of the video with very little light. The first night of this shoot was on a Canon 5d Mark II and the second night was shot on a 5D Mark III. Canon did well – with better focusing (for stills) and a slight improvement in low light (the mark II was already amazing in low light) I’m in love with the new camera… By the way, Jana and Aspen are amazing to work with – true professionals! See more of their work at facebook.com/janaduboismodel and .aspenmckenna.com.


Walking Away (Fashion Film) from Bryce Johnson on Vimeo.

I managed to sneak in some still photography during the shoot too.  Here are a few:


Summer Day

I had a photo shoot with Stephanie Hooley this week and we decided to shoot some video in between photos.  This is what we came up with.  Stephanie is an absolute natural in front of the camera – its so fun to work with her!  This was shot with a Canon 5D mkII with all natural lighting.  For many of the shots I used a new DSLR shoulder support rig that I’m developing.  Hope to have some good behind the scenes shots of it soon.  Its really transformed the way I shoot hand held shots now.



Summer Day (fashion film with Stephanie Hooley) from Bryce Johnson on Vimeo.

Stand Up

This was a shoot for a good friend of mine, Jon Wagstaff, who owns The Adventure Haus in Midway Utah.  He joined forces with Utah Paddle Surfing to provide stand up paddle boards for rent on Deer Creek and Jordanelle Reservoirs.  We had plenty of volunteers to go out and play on the paddle boards for the shoot.  I think for about half of our paddlers it was their first time on stand up boards and it was amazing how quickly they were paddling like pros.  Luckily we had a perfect summer evening to shoot too!    Now go out and rent a paddle board!

I Will Rise

What can I say about Alex Boye?  He is unbelievably talented, energetic, and a genuinely nice person.  I don’t think his energy level dropped one bit from start of the shoot though the end.  For those interested in the camera setups in this shoot:  For the video I used quite a bit of Glidecam HD-4000 with a Canon 5D mkII and a Canon 16-35 lens.  I also used this same camera and lens on the crane shots.  There were also some shots with a Canon 60D and a 70-200 lens.  I used Sony Vegas for editing and color correcting.  Mother nature was good to us on the day we shot. We started off with a beautiful pink sunrise over the Salt Flats and ended the day with a firey yellow sunset.  Big thanks goes out to Ryan Eggett And the The Orem LDS Institute of Religion Choir.  They were also fantastic to work with!  Also a big thanks for Mark Turner for his camera work on some of the scenes and Laura Johnson for keeping the shoot moving smoothly!  For more info on Alex go to alexboye.com

Here are some pictures from the set…

The Anser

I recently shot this video for a new band called The Anser. They are on a reality show right now – The X-Factor. And Hey, if Simon likes them they must be doing something right! The music for this video is one of their first recordings – its basically an unplugged track so we wanted to keep the video pretty simple to match the music. The song has tons of energy though so that’s definitely something we wanted to capture on film. This was shot in just one location – a large room in an old building. I kept the lighting pretty simple for this – I used just two small softboxes and since the song is called Dancing in the Light we decided to use the lights as part of the set. About half the shots were done with a Glidecam HD-4000 and a Canon 16-35L lens. The other half were hand held with a Tamron AF 28-47 2.8 Lens. I used a Hoodman eye piece for the handheld shots which is great for focusing and helps to steady handheld shots when the cam is held against the eye. The camera on this was the Canon 5D MarkII. I edited with Sony Vegas and colored with Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 – I’m really loving the results I’m getting from Looks, its definitely one of my favorite plug-ins.

If you haven’t already seen the band on X-Factor, check them out! These guys really brought the energy for the shoot – definitely naturals on stage and in front of the camera. These guys can sing too! Enjoy!

We also shot a video for another song of theirs. I’ll post it soon! For more info on the band go to www.theanser.com.