Video projects can vary greatly and there are unlimited options when it comes to the things we can create, but here’s some basic pricing to give you an idea of costs.

BRAND FILMS:  These are the go-to videos that tell about your brand, product or services.

  • STARTER   $950  Like the name says, this is a starter version, but it allows you to get a video put up on your website for very little cost.  There is nothing low quality about this version of a brand film, we use the same hi quality cameras and technical know-how as the more expensive versions.  Its just done with a simpler approach – typically a shorter shoot that’s done in one location.
  • PREMIUM  $4500  Our most popular version.  We spend plenty of pre-production and shooting time to really create an amazing video
  • PLATINUM  $9500  If you have a higher priced product or service (or sell at scale) or are in a highly competitive industry, this is the video you need.  A truly buzzworthy video is our goal in this version.  Attention and time spent on every little detail is what makes the difference.  This includes the absolute best copy (text and/or voice), the best actors and props, filming on multiple days and locations if needed.

MINI’S:  $99 – 299  These are short, simple but highly effective content videos including:  testimonial videos, bio videos, live videos, and other short (under 10 second) videos that are great for social media.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Headshots and portraits start at $300.  1/2 day shooting rate $600.  Full day (8 hours+) $1200.  Editing cost vary but are reasonable.