The Anser

I recently shot this video for a new band called The Anser. They are on a reality show right now – The X-Factor. And Hey, if Simon likes them they must be doing something right! The music for this video is one of their first recordings – its basically an unplugged track so we wanted to keep the video pretty simple to match the music. The song has tons of energy though so that’s definitely something we wanted to capture on film. This was shot in just one location – a large room in an old building. I kept the lighting pretty simple for this – I used just two small softboxes and since the song is called Dancing in the Light we decided to use the lights as part of the set. About half the shots were done with a Glidecam HD-4000 and a Canon 16-35L lens. The other half were hand held with a Tamron AF 28-47 2.8 Lens. I used a Hoodman eye piece for the handheld shots which is great for focusing and helps to steady handheld shots when the cam is held against the eye. The camera on this was the Canon 5D MarkII. I edited with Sony Vegas and colored with Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 – I’m really loving the results I’m getting from Looks, its definitely one of my favorite plug-ins.

If you haven’t already seen the band on X-Factor, check them out! These guys really brought the energy for the shoot – definitely naturals on stage and in front of the camera. These guys can sing too! Enjoy!

We also shot a video for another song of theirs. I’ll post it soon! For more info on the band go to


This is a video I shot for my good friend Charley Jenkins. For those of you who have seen Nashville Star on NBC, he was on the show a few seasons ago.   The first location for this shoot was the Salt Flats in Utah. I got there the night before the shoot and found the Salt Flats were still half flooded from a late winter and very wet spring. But after walking a little ways out onto the salt it seemed like it was just barely dry enough to support the weight of our trucks – at least that’s what I figured… The next morning Charley met us at 5:30 am so we could start shooting in the beautiful early morning light that would soon be bathing the flats. I turned off the paved road onto the salt and gunned it, figuring we’d drive a couple miles out onto the salt to find the perfect location. Charley was right behind me in his truck towing our beat up old row boat (the co-star of Sinkin’). Just a half mile out I noticed Charley was slowing down behind me – then he finally came to a stop. I didn’t know why so I turned my truck around and noticed the salt was getting pretty muddy. When I got back to Charley I found he was completely stuck in the mud. I figured no big deal, I have tow straps. I can pull his truck out. I put my truck in drive and promptly sunk up to my axles in deep gooey mud… 3 hours of digging and 5 cements bags later we finally got the trucks out (yes, cement bags… don’t ask). So now the star of the video was covered in mud – this was going to be a problem… Well Charley managed to get himself cleaned up and we finally started shooting around 12pm. A week later we were in Lake Powell with our lovely actress, Stephanie Hooley. A storm rolled in our our first day of shooting there which made filming tough but it looked great! Stephanie was amazing as I’m sure you will all agree!! I have some pretty funny outtakes of Charley and Stephanie – maybe I’ll post some here soon.

On the technical side, the video was shot mostly with a Canon 5D MkII with Canon 16-35L and Canon 70-200L lenses. I also used a Canon 60D for a few of the shots. For camera support I used a Glidecam HD-4000 along with some hand held and tripod shots and one crane shot. The most valuable tool of the shoot turned out to be my Singh-Ray variable ND filter which saved my butt when the light would go from dark and cloudy to bright and sunny in a matter of minutes. This video was a blast to work on – can’t wait to start shooting the next Charley Jenkins video later this summer!

Check out Charley’s web site at His music is available on Itunes.

Mountain Dance

I shot this video with Kaitlyn Van Wagoner in Provo Canyon, Utah. It was shot mostly with a Canon 5D MkII and a Glidecam HD-4000 with a Canon 16-35L lens. I also used a Canon 60D with a Canon 70-200L lens for a few of the shots. Kaitlyn danced on some of the worst surfaces possible for a dancer… no smooth hard wood dance studio floor here – just rocks, dirt, and wet grass. Kaitlyn was tough as nails – no complaining about the less than ideal conditions. She was just as graceful dancing on rocks and gravel as she is in the studio. Amazing!