Social Media Videos

stop 'em in their tracks


The goal of these videos is to stop people in their tracks as they scroll through their social media feeds.  We keep them simple and cost effective - but they pack a punch and deliver a clear message about your brand.  That message could be a current happening (sale, grand opening) or a message directed at current followers to take an action.  Or it could be just to entertain or enlighten your followers.  Remember, give give give, then ask...  The possibilities are endless.  By the way, these don't have to just live on social media - they're also great for keeping content fresh on your website or blog.  Not only that but these videos are perfect for promoted posts and ads too!  (We'll format them to fit the platform you're running them on.)


What if you had an entire media company at your disposal to plan, create, and post consistently on all your social media channels?  What if you had all this content to post on your website and blog as well?  And had all this content available to use for ads whenever that was a good option for growing your business and increasing revenue? (Facebook ads, Instagram, TV, Print etc...)  What makes us different than other sources that can post for you is that we ARE the media creators!  We're not outsourcing to cookie cutter content creators.  We're not using the same old stock photography and video.  We're creating the best of the best specifically for you.  It makes a real difference.  Interested?  We thought so...  Plans start at $950/mo.  Contact us for details.

Below are a couple examples of social content videos.  These are formatted perfectly for Instagram.

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